Wholesale Pricing for Shopify

Setup Instructions (All Steps Required)

1. Email support@suppleapps.com

For Wholesale Club to be properly installed, you must email our support team to request installation. Please include the following items in your email:

Please note that even if you send us a payment, we will not be able to complete your installation without this information.

2. Start a subscription

In the app, click "Start subscription," choose a plan, and hit approve. Your trial will not be affected—you will not be billed until the completion of your trial.

3. Add a discount rule

In the app, add at least one discount rule. Specify a customer tag (e.g. "wholesale"), percentage off, and the collection(s) it should be applied to.

wholesale 50% Off Shorts, Tees
wholesale 35% Off Jackets, Pants

4. Accept access request

You will receive an email requesting full account access. To ensure a full installation, we will need access to the following: Draft Orders, Products, Customers, Apps, Settings, Themes, Blog Posts and Pages. Please approve this request and let us know when you have done so.

Thanks for your patience and for installing Wholesale Club!