Persuade customers to buy more

using Spending Goals with progress notifications

Make sure visitors find out

about all your promotions gradually

Friendly notifications interface

suitable for phone, tablet and laptop visitors

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Setup multiple Spending Goal notifications

  • Persuade customers to spend more by showing them how much they still have to spend to meet your goal(s)
  • Experiment with goals such as "You are $12 away from Free Shipping!", or "Spend $23 more and we'll include a bonus in your package"
  • Already offering free shipping for all orders? Try requiring a minimum amount, and motivate customers to buy two products instead of one.
  • Multiple goals encourage even more spending (e.g. spend $50 for free shipping; spend $100 for 10% Off entire order)

Setup Plain notifications

Do you have a sale? An upcoming event? An interesting blog article?

Make sure your visitors find out about it in a non-intrusive, friendly way.

Visually adjust notification settings

  • Customize styling to fit your existing theme
  • No coding skills required
  • Place the notifications anywhere, so it doesn't cover existing navigation (see Settings)

Best practices:

  • Discount codes should be as short as possible (3-4 letters), so customers can see and remember those without copy/paste
  • Less text is better: Labor Day sale! Use discount "SAVE"
  • Use colors that contrast with theme background


Notifications don't show for me

After a notification is shown 3 times, and if the cart value remains the same, we stop showing it for a few hours. As soon as customers add/remove something from the cart, notifications will start showing again with the new spending goal difference. To force seeing notifcations again, go to Nudge app and click "View notifications in your store".

Still not showing? There might be a JavaScript error in your theme, or jQuery might be missing. Let us know.

How do I change the currency?
How do I remove the gap between dollar sign and number?

Go to Admin > General. Search for Currency, and click "change formatting". After saving changes, go to Nudge app, click Settings, then click Save.

Remember notifications are cached for 1hr. Inside Nudge, click "View notifications in your store" to see updated settings immediately.

How do I setup free shipping for orders over $50?

Go to Admin > Settings > Shipping.

Click Add a shipping rate for desired countries. Select Criteria "Based on order price", Price range 50, Shipping price 0.

Shipping to that country will automatically be free for orders over selected value, no discount code needed.

How do I setup a discount for orders over $100?

Go to Admin > Discounts. Add a discount with type "% Discount", take 10% off for orders over $100

Copy and paste discount code in the spending goal notification, e.g. Great, you qualify for 10% Off your entire order! Use discount code "10off"

Make the codes simple, so customers can easily enter them manually. There's no security issue, since discounts are restricted to orders over a specific amount.

How do I change the font styling?

Go to Admin > Themes, hover over the 3 dots icon, and choose Edit HTML/CSS.

Open stylesheet.css or similar, and add a class like

#shop-notification {
font-family: "Times New Roman", Georgia, Serif !important;
font-size: 16px !important;

How do I show a different, shorter message on mobile?

Set the message so that it uses classes, for example

<span class="desktop-show">Free Shipping for orders larger than !</span> <span class="mobile-show">Mobile msg here</span>

In your theme editor, edit styles.css (or similar) and at the end add these styles (click here to view)