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We handcraft apps from scratch to work with Shopify. They blend seamlessly with your Admin interface that you are already familiar with.

Perfect Experience

Customers love our products. Easy to use, affordable, supple, great support.

Mobile Ready

All apps work perfectly and speedily on tablets. Site front-ends (used by customers) work on smartphones too.

Shopify Apps

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What our wonderful customers say

Haley Lira

Moon Valley Organics

Great app. One of the best we have used. The service was also top notch. In fact Buy X Get One saved our butts. One day before black Friday our other buy one get one app I wont mention crashed. Buy X Get One swooped in to save the day within 2 hours we were up and running, just a few hours before our black Friday sale. THANK YOU Supple Apps

Tim Dunn


Supple solved a problem that others couldn't, with minimal fuss. I commissioned 2 x Shopify developers to build a custom club system, both of them failed to come to a solution and said it was not possible on the Shopify platform. I persevered with app searching and got in touch with Supple, they said no worries we can do what you want, we can have it installed in 1-day. So here we are, happy customers with a working club system exactly how we wanted it : )

Ali von Paris

Route One Apparel

SuppleApps have proven multiple times how customer service oriented they are, as well as user friendly their app experience can be. Works like a charm. All you need to do is put the products in the specific wholesale percentage categories and viola! It works!

Matt Peisley


This app is awesome! Has already paid for itself many times over, offering upsells and discounts at the cart page right in front of the customer! Automatically updates the new discount prices and can link directly from the cart page to the collection that is on sale. Love it!!

Amy Seidler

Sparkle & Jade

Amazing App. Great for sale offers without the use of discount codes. Customer support is beyond outstanding. They were very helpful and prompt at setting this up as well as giving some insight on how I can make improvements to use this app to the full extent.

Scott Burnham

Skincare by Suzie

Working really well, Sales and size of sales have increase since I installed this app.
Customer support was extremely quick to respond to questions I had.

Chris Shaw


Fantastic support. Easy to use product. One of the best experiences we've had working with Shopify apps.

Hangatu Wyld

The Salty Fox

Best money we ever spent. I made it go live and within 12 hours, it had paid for itself 1000%. I used it in conjunction with the Buy X Get X app and my sale has been working seamlessly. I've increased order value by 100% and cart size by 300%. Brilliant brilliant brilliant app.

Simon Wadsworth


This app is perfect. It's SO simple to use, really quick and works like a charm. Clever, flexible and does exactly what it says on the tin.